Schloss Drachenhorst
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King Maximillian III of Bodenwald is currently pouring considerable amounts of his city's new-found wealth into a personal pet project - the construction of his "dream castle", a castle built to include "everything that a castle should be", that is to say, bigger, better, and more beautiful than any other castle in existence. His ministers and the Bodenwald Parliament frequently criticize this "waste of money", but given his current popularity, the monarch was able to get his way, and the castle should be finished sometime next year.

The monarch named the castle "Schloss Drachenhorst" (lit. "Castle of the Dragon's Aerie") after the ancient dragon that used to live in the rock spire on which the castle is built and terrorized the surrounding areas. The dragon was slain a long time ago and his lair plundered, but rumors about hidden treasure chambers persist.

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Modeled after the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.


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