Schola Provinciam
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Praxus prides itself on being the leader in education among the Flannish Cities, if not the whole world - and its leaders know that to form a truly educated citizen, you have to start at an early age. But while its existing schools are already excellent, there is always room for improvement. For this purpose, an entire rural district of the Praxus Protectorate was set aside to test new educational methods - the Schola Provinciam.

Numerous small estates dot this district which serve as experimental schools (or "Praedium", as they are called) where educational experts can try out their various theories on how to best instill both knowledge and proper moral values into their charges. The different Praedia differ in the age of the children they teach, as well as their aptitudes, behavior, gender, and sometimes (though not always) their race, and have students ranging from a dozen at the smallest to several hundreds at the largest one. Each Praedium has its own distinct uniform with different color schemes, and the children are encouraged to compete for academic and sports honors with the rivals from the other schools. All of the schools operate as boarding schools, to keep the children from getting distracted from their studies. The schools run by the most renowned experts are in high demand from parents both in Praxus and beyond and have long waiting lists for admission, while those run by more obscure experts or those with less respected theories on educational methods usually need to fill out their student bodies with the assistance of government-run orphanages. The educational methods of those Praedia who produce highly successful graduates are eventually integrated into the standard Praxan school system.

Sadly, there have unfortunately been a number of cases where experimental methods turned out to be harmful for the children they were tried on. In other cases, educators have abused their power over their charges and terrorized them. When the Praxus Board of Education learns about such incidents, it generally tries to defuse the situation without creating a major scandal in order to protect the reputation of the Schola Provinciam, and the affected children and their parents are pressured to keep quiet.

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