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A solidly middle class district, Schrebersheim is largely inhabited by people who cling to citizenship, but are secretly afraid that they might fall down to mere resident status - or worse, become one of the Lumpen. As a result, they tend to be deeply conservative and reject any kind of change, and are deeply distrustful of anything beyond the part of the world they have experienced - which is usually their place of work, their immediate neighborhood, and (if they are wealthy enough afford it) a single vacation destination which they visit year after year.

Most of the people of Schrebersheim live in relatively small, but comfortable apartments, while the better off can call a partition of a row house their own. As even the row houses won't have enough space for a real garden - an important status symbol in Grüngarten - each family usually maintains a so-called Bürgergarten, or "citizen's garden". These are tiny lots of land clustered away from the buildings which have only enough room for a few garden beds and a small wooden shack. Each lot is carefully fenced off against the neighboring lots, and during the warmer days of the year the people of Schrebersheim will congregate on their lots during their free time and work their beds with relish.

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Every large German city has a neighborhood like Schrebersheim. Often several.


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