Schule der Freien Rede
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The "Schule der Freien Rede" of Oldenheim is widely accepted as the best school of rhetorics and public speaking in the Flannish Cities. While Praxus has the better linguists and other cities are better at written forms of propaganda, few are able to stand up to an Oldenheim-trained Redemeister ("Master of Speech) in a public debate. The fees of the school are high (though it also offers scholarships to promising talents) - but to anyone with an interest in politics or general rabble-rousing, the investment is very much worth it.

Junior students are put into debating circles where a vast variety of topics assigned by their teachers are debated, and the better students are required to argue points of view which contradict their own or are even outright nonsensical. For senior students, experts of a large number of different fields are invited from all over the Flannish Cities to present their work, and the students are tasked with trying to denounce their works as worthless or fraudulent. This not only allows the student to learn about and become conversant in a wide variety of topics, but also learn to argue with those far more experienced than they are in a given field and win. Those guest speakers are paid handsomely for their attendance - but many find it a harrowing experience and never return. Those who come year after year to face a new class of students ready to denounce them often rise to high positions in their home cities, as they learn to rise above all their detractors.

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