Sea of Ranya
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The Sea of Ranya, bordered by the Veldtland to the west, the Verdant Coast and Gawaris Desert to the northwest, Ranya to the north and the World's End Archipelago to the east and Terra Meridies to the south, has always had a reputations for mirages and strange phenomena. It is a place where sometimes the entire crew of a ship would be overcome with drowsiness, only to awaken hundreds of miles away, heading in a different direction than where they started.

Recently, astronomers who have established an observatory on Surtus in order to study Rothea from space have discovered something which might account for these phenomena: A massive, circular distortion with a radius of more than a thousand miles is visible in the air above the southern parts of the Sea, as if one would look at the see through a drop of water or a bottle. It is currently being speculated that this distortion represents an enormous illusion effect keeping outsiders out from the area, which now many believe contains a lost island-continent (perhaps even Oreanor itself). Several expeditions are now in preparation which will attempt to pierce this barrier.

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The Sea of Ranya naturally is the equivalent of the Indian Ocean. My current favorite explanation for the distortion is that it hides the equivalent of Lemuria, but further exploration will have to wait for a later date…


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