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When the Flannish Liberation War ended, the new city councils proclaimed their citizens liberated from oppression. But while the days of enslavement to the whims of nobles were indeed gone, new forms of economic oppression soon became common. The new rulers, who came from the merchant class and other wealthy families, soon aped the life styles of the nobles who came before them and exploited the poor as much as they could.

Many veterans and workers were disappointed with this turn of events, and some began calling for a second Liberation War that would sweep away the new oppressors and bring true change. Thus, numerous groups came into existence to fight the new oppressors of the people, and while each group has its own names, they are collectively called the Secondaries because of this desire.

Out of necessity, these groups must operate in small cells and use lots of code names and pass words to avoid detection by the authorities. They often differ in their methods - while some prefer to organize peaceful protests and strikes, others try to sabotage the local infrastructure or assassinate authority figures. Because of their vast differences in their way of operating, and because of philosophical differences regarding what kind of form the new, enlightened government should take, such groups can in some circumstances spend more time and effort on fighting each other than their "oppressors". Still, Secondary cells are persecuted harshly whenever the local authorities can find them, and that usually keeps them united against their common foe.

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The Secondaries are the Urbis equivalent of 19th century Socialists, Anarchists, and Communists before anyone really had the opportunity to try out their ideas in practice. They are upset about the current social order - not without reason - but they are too disorganized and fractious to really change the status quo. Unless someone manages to give them direction - perhaps even the player characters…


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