Seekers Of The Highest Mountain
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Named after an obscure phrase of the Cult of Ygreb (the "Highest Mountain" is the final and highest destination of the seeker of divinatory wisdom - the one vantage point in the universe from whence everything is visible to the illuminated. Non-initiated who hear of this phrase often mistakenly believe this mountain to physically exist in this world, and speculate about its precise location, but in truth it is nothing more than a metaphor), this secret society counts some of the most powerful diviners in the world among its members. They use their abilities not only to observe occurring and future events, but to actively shape them - and their goal is nothing less than the long-term survival of humanity and the world. As diviners, they know very well how even minor events can have vast repercussions a long time after the fact, and thus they can be exceedingly subtle when they try to influence events. Frequently they hire (though several in-betweens) people to do apparently nonsensical tasks whose repercussions are only apparent to them.

They are neither omniscient nor omnipotent, however. They know that too much meddling with prophecy will only cloud further divinations, and thus will only intervene when they are sure that taking direct influence will lead to the best possible result. Over the centuries, they have had a number of noteworthy successes - the elevation of Lord Amrast to the leadership of the Alliance of the Pantheon being the most recent.

Their secret headquarters can be found in the city of Sudilar in the Alliance of the Pantheon.

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