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Population: 67,423

In the Feudal Age, Seventhford used to be a large market town with nearly half the population of Dartmouth, but it declined in prestige as it became a minor outpost of the Dartmouth Protectorate and more and more people began to move to Dartmouth itself and more and more houses were abandoned until only the herds of sheep grazed between the ruins.

However, in recent decades this trend has reversed itself - as the population of Dartmouth itself soared, so did its demand for food. At first, Seventhford turned into a large processing station for the mutton and wool shipped to the city. Then it became the center of ever expanding belts of orchards and fields which pushed the shepherds further and further into the hill country beyond the town limits. Then a garrison was added to protect the interests of Dartmouth in the region, resulting a further influx of merchants catering to the increasing population. There are even plans by the University of Dartmouth to open up a school of agriculture in the town next year, and some people hope that Seventhford will soon become the secondary economic center of the Protectorate.

However, recently archaeologists have congregated on the town when construction workers stumbled on ancient ruins of pre-human origin within the town limit. What's more, those ruins contained dozens of skeletons which were apparently the result of human sacrifices - and some of which were apparently of quite recent origin. This seems to indicate that there has been a cult engaging in such practices in this region for a very long time - and it might still be active today. The local authorities have hushed this up, but they are looking for experts capable of discretely finding out more about this without causing a panic.

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