Shadow Prince
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Lord of Darkness, Shatterer of Oaths, He Who Dwells In Darkness

The elder sibling of both the Horned Man and the Silver Lady, he opposed the formation of the Seelie Court and the rules it burdened the fey with in their interaction with mortals. Enraged, he relocated to the Plane of Shadows and took his followers with him, forming the Unseelie Court in the process. His followers take in delight in corrupting fey, elves, and sidhe to their side, but if subtle intrigues do not work, they do not hesitate to assault their foes directly. A favorite activity is the abduction of newborn elves (especially those born to sidhe nobles) in order to turn them into dark elves, who are counted among his most fanatical followers.

The eventual goal of the Shadow Prince is to conquer the plane of Faerie through means fair or foul and see his errant siblings humbled before him. But first, he plans to bring the entire Plane of Shadows under his control - which has brought him into conflict with Cryelis and her followers, who has her own plans for that plane.

The Shadow Prince has cultists among humans and members of the other civilized races as well, though this is for the most part an alliance of convenience - the Shadow Prince is willing to grant power to his cultists if they in turn are willing to do his bidding. Many thieves are among his followers, who often well understand the need to appease someone more powerful than they are to stay in business, and who find his gifts of stealth and shadows useful. The major exceptions are often hobgoblins, who are often motivated by their fanatical hatred of elves and sidhe.

The Shadow Prince demands the following of his cultists:

  • Obey the dictates of the Unseelie Court, and the dictates of the Shadow Prince above all.
  • Oppose the Seelie Court and its stifling rules wherever you find its minions.
  • Power is yours for the taking if you are willing to grasp it.

His symbol is a laurel wreath shaped out of shadows.

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