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The Shadowmen are a widely rumored "secret department" of the Praxus Beautification Department. According to the rumors, these black-clad people (in some stories, they are actually creatures of living shadow) secretly break into apartments while their owners are away, and subtly rearrange the furniture so that it complies with the Praxus Standards. Once the owner returns, he will notice that his apartment has been altered in some apparently minor ways, but he will find no real proof of the intrusion that anyone else would believe.

The Shadowmen are said to be supernaturally good at hiding their traces, and are almost never seen. Allegedly, those people who do manage to catch a glimpse of them vanish without a trace soon after (though in the stories, they still manage to tell a friend about this before they disappear).

The Praxus Beautification Department denies the existence of the Shadowmen - which only makes some people more suspicious of them.

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Do the Shadowmen really exist? …Probably not, though the GM should have some fun dropping hints and messing with the heads of the player characters.


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