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Population: 723,551

The ruling Marzukh Clan of Sharakh was long in decline, since its leaders became ever more feeble and the clan had not brought forth any notable warriors or military commanders for several generations. But in the last few decades, this trend has reversed itself, with the youngest generation proving to be tougher, stronger, and smarter than all preceding generations - not to mention hobgoblins of other clans!

In truth, this reversal comes from a sinister source - the clan leader started a crossbreeding program with devils to "improve" the bloodline, and the first grandchildren of the first unholy couplings are now coming of age - and unlike their half-fiendish parent, they can move around in the open without attracting too much suspicion. Still, their cruelty is unusual even for hobgoblins, and Sharakh is slowly becoming a city where the terrors are both unseen and ever present.

One example of their cruelty is their method of execution - they amputate a convict's hands and feet and then throw him into a pit with hungry boars to be eaten alive by them.

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