This page about Warden Siksaan is not finalized and contains mostly notes.

Basic formal training in Martial Arts from Isle of the Cliffs Monastery, which specializes in Defensive techniques, throws, and disables.
Had a falling out with the leader there and left, later joining a police force somewhere in the Praxus Protectorate, and rapidly advanced in the ranks their, learning more about guard work and more brutal forms of hand-to-hand combat.
Later joined on at Spelsburg, where she outed the previous corrupt warden who had been accepting bribes from rich prisoners to decrease their work load and falsify documents.
Reformed the Spelsburg Work Campus Supervisory Staff with intimidation and violence.
Has numerous contacts with Praxian alchemists and Wizards to whom she is providing prisoners for experimentation.
Covers up any experiment escapees to hide her involvement although nothing she is doing is illegal.
Has since been contacted by messengers from Isle of the Cliffs Monastery stating that her methods are brutal and cruel and that they request she reform herself immediately.

Elfish decent, darker skinned, blonde hair.

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