Silver Lady
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Queen of Fairy, Mistress of Spring, The Fairest Lady

Co-ruler of the Fair Folk, the Seelie Court, and the plane of Faerie together with her consort, the Horned Man, the Silver Lady acts as the ideal of nobility, rulership, virtue, and grace which the sidhe often claim for themselves. She is associated with Uluth, the moon, and sometimes said to dwell upon it. She is the patron of Narevoreen, and has sponsored a number of sidhe noble houses in Avareen as well (though her houses no longer include the royal line). She has given the sidhe her blessings, but expects them to rule well and lead by example instead of taking their exalted status for granted. Those who follow in her path are often admired as leaders - not because they are born into their station (which they usually are), but because they show that they deserve to be followed with every action and every breath they take.

Among humans, the Silver Lady was often venerated among the ruling nobility as the ideal of the chivalric spirit and the patron of the aristocratic order. With the decline of the aristocracy, her worship among humans has declined as well, although a few mystery cults among descendants of noble families remain.

Her commandments to her followers are thus:

  • Obey the laws and customs of the Seelie Court.
  • Nurture and protect those below you in station as if they were your own children.
  • Do not ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.

Her symbol is a silver sword pointing upwards, with a golden tree to the left and a silver tree to the right.

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