Sisterhood of Cherished Concubines
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Prostitutes are a fact of life in any human city-state. This is truer for Nimdenthal than for most other cities, thanks to its declining fortunes, and more and more women find that they have no other choice than to sell their bodies to survive. Some very few are fortunate enough to eventually escape this life, but most end up poor, desperate, and their bodies aged beyond their time thanks to abuse and drugs. It is among these that the Sisterhood of Cherished Concubines recruits - a cult to a Devil Lord of Lust. Recruits are given the appearance of youth back as well as the powers of pact magic. They are then sent out to find new prey for the cult - male customers. Those with power, wealth, and influence are charmed by the "sisters" (without magic if they find them pliable, with magic if not) until their wealth and power are under the command of the cult. Those without are quickly introduced to ever-greater carnal delights until they are brought to one of the secret brothels of the cult, where their hearts give out in the throes of passion with one of the disguised devils of lust sent to assist the cult, their souls swallowed and sent to their patron Lord.

The Amt für Innere Sicherheit considers the Sisterhood to be a major threat to Nimdenthal and spends considerable resources on rooting them out, often in cooperation with the Akademie der Durchtriebenen Künste which doesn't tolerate this kind of pact magic.

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