Society of Architects
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Most well known throughout the world for putting out the "Architectural Review", the Society of Architects recently moved their headquarters to Praxus from Atalus in 1412, most likely due to their research during the writing of the 1411 Annual Special Issue of the "Architectural Review", which focused on Praxus as the city with the "latest advances of architectural design." Although they view Praxus as the pinnacle of modern architecture, they are not always in agreement with the research regarding designs put forward to make Praxus "the city of the future" and even occasionally oppose such "improvements" like the new Painting Ordinance said to improve reflection of energies to the nexus towers.

They view Praxus as a center for architectural experimentation and understand that what may be cutting-edge in architecture today may be obsolete or ineffective tomorrow. While many of its members respect Basilis for his ingenuity, many others think of him as a madman bent on making a mockery of the art of architecture.

The Society of Architects invites promising young graduates from the University of Praxus into its membership, as well as those who have made their mark on other cities throughout the continent.

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