Society of Heels
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The Society of Heels is a group of self-described villains mostly active in the Flannish Cities. Its members see themselves as above common thugs and criminals - while they do commit crimes, they also try to adhere to proper gentlemanly conduct, do not engage in wanton violence against innocents and largely see their activities as much a sport as a way of enriching themselves. Not surprisingly, many bored patricians have joined the Society, but there is also no shortage of rogues born to the lower classes who made a fortune and now aspire to the kind of respect and status they could not get legitimately.

For the Society specializes in spectacular crimes, and its members thrive on the publicity they generate. As expected, the newspapers loves covering the deeds of Society members, and they may even get reader's letters from these villains if the latter feel that some aspects of their latest schemes have been portrayed inaccurately (and these letters almost always get published). Frequently, a particular villain attracts the enmity of a particular adventurer, and a good feud between the two will be followed by the public with relish.

Membership within the Society is pricey - rumored to be one hundred thousand gold pieces or more, plus a cut of all "income" from crimes - but in turn, the Society will always attempt to rescue a member from prison (or have him raised, if necessary) and provide them with henchmen, equipment, and magic items they might not be able to acquire themselves for their latest scheme. Furthermore, all members of the Society are expected to attend its annual Grand Ball which is held in varying, secret locations (all attendees wear masks, of course) and which includes an auction of especially unique items members have managed to steal in the previous year. Providing the item which fetches the highest price at the auction brings a great deal of prestige to the member who acquired it.

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