Special Bureau
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The Special Bureau is the Office of the Lord Mayor's elite troubleshooting agency. Some of its members were exceptional members of the Dartmouth City Guard or Armed Forces, while others were former adventurers who were recruited through appeals to their patriotism (and the many perks of office). While their background and training are extremely diverse, they have in common that they are extremely capable and dangerous. They are paid very well (though not as much as mercenaries and adventurers of similar power might earn), and are given the best support and equipment the city can afford. In exchange, they are given the missions that the Lord Mayor cannot trust anyone else with (because of their sensitive nature), or if an immediate problem arises that no one else can be called for.

The relationship between the Special Bureau and independent adventurers is better than might be expected, for the city government realizes that there are simply too many missions that need to be done by the Special Bureau alone, and thus prefers to ask the latter for help in many cases so that at least half of the Special Bureau can remain in reserve at any one time - and furthermore, if the independents do a good job, they might in turn be asked to join the Special Bureau later on! The City Guard, on the other hand, tends to be jealous of the Special Bureau, while far too many Bureau members make fun of the guards for their relative weakness.

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The Special Bureau is intended as the answer to the question: "How does a city deal with high-powered threats?" (including high-powered PCs running wild) without (hopefully) overshadowing the PCs. The Special Bureau can also serve as an employer for an entire campaign - I recommend using Section 9 from the series "Ghost In The Shell" as an example.


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