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Speicherstadt is the best-preserved part of the Old City of Grüngarten and contains many noteworthy historical sites, such as the massive granaries for which the district is named and which were the best-defended parts of the city during feudal times. Another popular destination for visitors is the former cattle market and an adjacent slaughterhouse which have now been converted into a museum which depicts the whole process of slaughtering the animals and preparing the meat in excruciating detail with the intention of portraying it as cruel and disgusting. Naturally, the museum is a favorite with children. But the most popular reason for tourists to visit are the many small breweries and their beer halls which make their home here, and the periodic beer festivals always bring visitors in droves. Unfortunately, quite a few of these visitors also seek out the local "meat parlors" run by the Butchers' Guild where they can enjoy steaks, schnitzels, and other meaty dishes together with their beer, and the Guild derives much of its income within the city from these hidden establishments.

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