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Referred to as the Prison District by many visitors and some residents of Praxus, city officials downplay this name as often as possible. In fact, they even refuse to use the word "prison" when describing the function of Spelsburg - they prefer the use of the phrase “Work Campus”. Spelsburg “laborers” are considered temporary city employees, live in dormitories, and work grueling hours to pay off the fines enacted by the Praxus Judges in criminal cases. These fines can also be paid off in gold, but the fines are doubled in this case and multiply even further with successive convictions, while the labor fines are penalized the same no matter how many convictions have taken place. This ensures that the rich do not have free reign over the system, despite some residents’ claims to the contrary.

Most minor non-violent crimes (pickpocketing, trespassing, prostitution, etc) are assigned fairly light sentences that can be paid off with a few weeks of hard labor, while more major non-violent crimes (such as vandalism, treason, etc) or minor violent crimes (simple battery, manslaughter) are penalized with longer sentences, with even 50 years worth of hard labor not being unheard of. Laborers may be allowed to slightly increase or decrease their work hours, increasing or decreasing the time served proportionately. Violent criminals are generally executed after a period of time, where they may or may not be used in experimentation due to a recent law enacted by the Praxus Legislature to allow experimentation on “individuals destined for execution.” According to rumor, very high-risk Work Campus laborers are confined to the dormitories day and night and those who do not cooperate at all are executed along with the violent criminals.

Work crews of low-risk Work Campus laborers leave Spelsburg each morning with a supervisor who escorts them around and monitors their activity during the work day. Much of this work is done in nearby Jillie's Bend, but work in the rest of the city is not uncommon and even week long trips to work outside of the city gates are not unheard of for the most trusted laborers. Work crews of medium to high-risk laborers generally work inside of the district with lower pay to encourage them to behave enough to get a better work detail.

Spelsburg is surrounded by a large wall, which is decorated with brass and steel scrollwork to further strengthen the wall and to improve the appearance of the district - at least to those on the outside. Despite the pleasant facade the city places upon it verbally and visually, Spelsburg is run by warden Siksaan who enjoys breaking her prisoners physically into submission. Those who act out in Spelsburg will quickly encounter her wrath and the laborers tend to be very well behaved around her.

Many of the cities' unpleasant-smelling factories are also located in nearby Jillie's Bend, wafting their acrid scent of cremation or leather curing into the Work Campus dormitories. The Spelsburg nexus tower is often turned up to moderate drain, taking even another toll on residents in Spelsburg and nearby Jillie's Bend. Work Campus Supervisors and other employees wear helmets that protect them from the harmful effects of the Spelsburg tower.

Siksaan uses the loose phrasing of the law and her power to assign new punishments to uncooperative or high risk prisoners to send more subjects to the experimentation chambers than the legislature originally intended. Since she isn't really breaking any laws, only widening the interpretation of it, no one who has discovered this has yet complained. Therefore, in practicality, even high risk criminals are usually experimented on.

She is also taking some nice "bonuses" from wizards, alchemists, and other researchers for a steady supply of subjects. Occasionally, these experiment subjects will escape, due to random chance or the powers that have been bestowed upon them. If the escapee still appears to be human, Siksaan will call it a prison break from a low-risk work crew and hire ruthless mercenaries to track them down. If the escapee has been mutated to appear as something else, she keeps quiet until a local complains about a "monster attack" and lets local adventurers do away with it for her.

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