Spring Seeds
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The Spring Seeds - or more formally, "The Seeds of Spring" - are a splinter group of halfling worshipers of Kortus. Emphasizing his aspect of fertility deity, they believe that halflings are especially blessed by him as they are the most fecund of the civilized races (as opposed to verminous races like goblins who may have higher birth rates but are not good at practicing sacred agriculture). And in honor of Kortus, they set out to have as many children as possible, eschewing any form of birth control. In their view, the more seeds are sprouting in the spring, the richer will the harvest be in the end.

This creed is especially popular among wealthy halflings, who can afford to have a dozen children or more. They are often somewhat resented by poorer families who cannot afford to have as many children - although members of the Spring Seeds are known to help fellow members of their faith advance financially so that they, too, can afford to have so many children. Thanks to the staggering birth rates of the cult, their numbers are rapidly growing in the Siebenbund and are beginning to have real political clout. As of late, they have spread to other regions where they are seen with alarm by their human neighbors - they have given birth to paranoid fears that halflings plan to out-breed the other races, causing humans to eventually become minorities in their own cities.

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This was inspired by the American "Quiverfull" movement of evangelical Christians.


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