Stag Lord
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The Stag Lord is the traditional war leader of the druidic faith in the northern lands. Historically, the Stag Lord was chosen by the archdruids from the warriors of various barbarian tribes closely associated with them. Each fall the Stag Lord would have to go on a ceremonial hunt for a white stag sacred to the Horned Man. If he failed to kill the stag, he would lose his office and a new candidate would be sought. It appears that at times the archdruids would sacrifice the old Stag Lord at the winter solstice as a renewal ceremony, but it is unclear whether this practice was always adhered to or whether the old Stag Lord was allowed to step down and fade into obscurity.

As long as he remains in office, the Stag Lord has absolute authority over the war efforts against the enemies of the faith. It is not up to him who will be fought (as that decision is up to the archdruids), but he alone determines the How. Symbol of his office is a ceremonial headdress made out of the skull of the first White Stag, a relic that terrifies enemies and conceals the Stag Lord's true identity.

In the modern age, Stag Lords mostly stayed close to remote wilderness areas (such as the Norfjell Wastes where they fought a never-ending battle against the encroaching civilization. However, the current holder of the office seems to be bolder - he has been spotted within the Flannish Cities region and even within the city-states themselves, displaying sophisticated tactics when attacking others and following a hard-to-discern agenda. He is widely considered to be a major anarchist threat and many governments would love to discover the true identity behind the mask.

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