Star Mountains
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"I arrived in Neubodenwald after midnight. When I stepped out of the teleportation circle, the thin air made my ears pop. It took me some time to get used to this unpleasant sensation, and after a few steps I feared I was suffocating.
But when I reached the exit of the Bodenwald Gate building, I was treated with a spectacular sight: The night sky over the Star Mountains. Modern city-dwellers are rarely able to see many stars, thanks to the light of the city reflecting in the humid air and obscuring the heavens, but in Neubodenwald the lights are few and the air is dry, allowing an unobstructed view of the celestial bodies. The queer effect that all such objects appear to have twice the usual diameter - or four times the luminosity - over these mountains only further intensifies this sight. I marveled about the many worlds that we know must be out there, and how few of them we have visited. And soon I, too, would take my first step on another world, and I fantasized about my experiences in such an alien environment.
At this point a Surturan sand badger that had somehow gotten loose in the city attempted to mate with my trouser leg."
- Gottfried Dillinger, My Time Among The Stars, Neuer Weltverlag (1420)

Population: 1,243,560 (achelats 41%, surathi 28%, humans 23%, daresh 17%)
Government: Varies by species

This equatorial mountain range is named for the fact that the stars seem closer here. The moon and the planets often appear twice as large as usual, and the stellar constellations in the night sky shine much brighter than elsewhere. This isn't just a trick of the light - while traveling to other planets normally requires extremely powerful rituals, here the energy and skill required for such teleportation is much reduced. As a result, some scholars, mages, and explorers maintain bases here to support their exploration of other worlds - and beings from other worlds have colonies in or beneath these mountains.



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