Steel Archipelago
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A few scholars versed in oceanography know that there are active volcanoes in the middle of the Great Western Ocean, in places where the very continents clash and hot magma wells up from the planet’s core. There is a strange type of colossal mollusk that feeds on the metals and minerals ejected from these volcanoes. The larva of these species migrate until they find a suitable volcano, and then affix themselves to it. They grow a metallic shell around them that keeps getting larger, and eventually breaks the surface. The net result is that there is a chain of metallic islands growing out of the water wherever these underwater volcanoes exist, with a living creature of immeasurable size at their core. These islands are sometimes inhabited by thinking beings—often by miners, who can easily extract metals from the ground.

The discovery of similar creatures on the world of Magrith led some scholars to speculate that these beings were imported to this world by an unknown agency in eons past - possibly by the activation of the Pillars of the World.

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Shamelessly swiped from David Brin's Startide Rising. But they provide cool scenery, which in the end is all that matters.


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