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Population: 2,072,985

The city of Stercia has suffered from severe storms throughout history, and these have been worsening in recent decades, causing large-scale devastation in many neighborhoods. To combat this, two decades ago the city council proposed to build a gigantic stone dome that would encompass the entire city and protect it from the elements. Today the dome is half-finished and can be seen from far away across the plains, and the many light stones embedded in it make for a spectacular scenery at night. Nevertheless, most visitors feel uneasy in the dome's shadows and many have the feeling that they are constantly being watched. Few stay for long, and those who do stick to the foreigner's quarter.

These suspicions are entirely warranted, as a large hive of daresh controls the city from behind the scenes. The dome is built to shut out the sunlight - which these creatures abhor - and the city's slums are used to acquire new hosts, while the rulers are mentally dominated or terrified into submission. As soon as the dome is completed, the daresh will have huge and near-unassailable headquarters for their conquest of the Parginian Rim.

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