Stone Menagerie
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Stone Menageries have become a popular attraction throughout the Flannish Cities in recent years, as they show magically petrified animals and monsters for the edification and entertainment of the public. The largest one that started the trend and gave all of them their names is the one located in Praxus - thanks to the long efforts of its curators and frequent donations of various Praxus citizens, it now boasts more than a thousand creatures on display, including two juvenile dragons! Thanks to the fame of the Menagerie, explorers and adventurers now compete in bringing back the most spectacular creatures they can find, stuck in the fiercest poses possible before magical petrification. It is widely suspected that most of them do this for the bragging rights as the names of the donors is always displayed on plaques next to the statues - a situation decried by some of the curators as they feel that this elevates the spectacle over the educational aspect of the Menagerie. However, the public seems to eat it up, and the ticket sales more than pay for the guards which are hired to prevent anyone from magically reversing the petrification process.

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