Storm Abbey
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Storm Abbey is a sprawling monastery dedicated to Ungol located near the southern end of Wyvern's Cliff, and a large tower on top of it also serves as the city's lighthouse (in addition to being a nexus tower in its own right - a refurbishment of the original tower which was not uncontroversial at the time it was altered).

Traditionally, the monks are retired sailors who were caught in terrible storms at sea and swore that they would dedicate their lives to Ungol if they would only make it back to land itself. The abbey is primarily funded by the Dartmouth Board of Works in exchange from the profits of the nexus tower and the service to the city its lighthouse provides, but the monks also support themselves by crafting souvenirs such wood carvings of ships, maritime animals, or famous buildings of Dartmouth. Traditionally, sailors who want to have good luck for a voyage climb Ungol's Stairs on the eve of the journey, pray at Storm Abbey, and then purchase one of the souvenirs as a good luck charm.

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