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Population: 135,387

The city of Strozny was where the armies of Gorchov made their last stand in their attempt to prevent occupation. They tenaciously fought the army of the Tsan Empire almost to the last man, and tens of thousands of soldiers died on both sides - not counting the civilian casualties. But their valiant efforts were ultimately doomed, though they fought harder than the enemy commanders had thought possible.

The formerly large city has now been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Most of the city has been turned into rubble under the onslaught of arcane energies, and even now, 50 years after the battle, the city is haunted by numerous ghosts and other undead. Only the desperate, those who wish to hide from the authorities, and those who hope to unearth treasures from the ruins remain. Many cells of resistance fighters operate from the city, and the occupation forces have a hard time rooting them out of their hideouts.

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