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The Stufenberg is a mountain famous for the so-called "Lange Treppe" - a long staircase starting in the valley below and winding up inside the mountain until finally emerging just below the mountaintop. The staircase stays close to the surface of the mountain, and occasional windows and other openings provide air circulation and illumination during day hours. Numerous side tunnels branch off and go deeper into the mountains, where fey dwell which emerge at night, and visitors are recommended not to leave the Lange Treppe itself or visit it when the sun has gone down.

The staircase is a major tourist attraction, and the local villagers celebrate several festivals around the year which involve climbing it all the way to the top - some of which are open to tourists, and some of which - especially those taking place during the dead of winter - are secret affairs not open to outsiders. During the main tourist seasons they take care to keep the darker areas of the staircase well-lit by lanterns.

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