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Population: 710,758

One of the most famous centers of learning in the Known Lands, Sudilar serves as the headquarters of the Cult of Ygreb. It regularly sends out its scholars and clerics to search the world for prophecies both new and old, as well as other significant omens. These people then report their findings back, which are added to the vast libraries of the city.

However, for part of the clergy it is not enough to simply record prophecy—they need to understand the causes that shape world events, and the effects that result from the smallest of changes. This not only helps them understand prophecies better, but also alter the course of the parts of the future only covered by ambiguous prophecies—or by no prophecies at all. The Seekers of the Highest Mountain, a secret society within the Cult, whose members were selected from the priests with the best understanding of the world, uses this accumulate knowledge in an attempt to shape the world for their own agenda. Their influence was significant in creating the Alliance of the Pantheon—but this was only a minor aspect of their plans.

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