Sunken Cathedral of Ygreb
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According to legend, once upon a time followers of Ygreb build a grand cathedral on an island in the Great Lake. The construction took many yeas, and once the cathedral had finished they held one inaugural service and departed the island. The island sank below the waters the next night, and to this day it is still possible to hear the bells of the cathedral on the Great Lake on some nights. If you are really close to the site, you might even hear the chanting of the priests and the congregation still echoing from the sunken building.

The legend further claims that if you are brave, you should jump into the water and dive as deep as you can at the site, and you will behold an important vision of your future just before you lose consciousness. After this vision, you will safely drift back to the surface - either where your friends on your barge can retrieve you, or somewhere near the shore of the Great Lake near a settlement - even if it is more than a hundred miles from where you dived.

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