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The Surathi (singular Surat) are the mortal progeny of the deity Sarush. Able to interbreed with any terrestrial creature, they have infiltrated many bloodlines and given them psychic powers and vast intellects - but tainted them with a cursed heritage and a disposition towards evil. They rule in the Snake Kingdoms, but their kind can be found hidden in the underbellies of cities in many regions

There are four types of Surathi, who are distinguished by how thick the blood of Sarush flows in their veins. The thin-blooded carry the surathi heritage in them, but apart from an ability to learn psychic powers, they are unaffected. Lesser brethen are the most common "true" surathi, and they are often significantly more powerful than their non-surathi ancestors. Favored ones are often visibly different from the lesser species that spawned them, and the rare pure ones are a true testament to the power of Sarush's blood and the natural born leaders of all surathi.

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These are the counterparts of the yuan-ti of D&D and similar "snakemen" of fantasy, but also of H.P. Lovecraft's Deep Ones and similar creatures created through a combination of species never meant to interbreed.


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