Surathi Favored Ones
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Favored ones are clearly marked by their tainted blood. Unless disguised, it will be obvious that they are no longer a normal member of the base creature's species - there is at least one, and often several blatantly unnatural changes to the creature's appearance. Fur, scales, feathers and more freely mix, though the species of the base creature is still recognizable.

Favored ones are respected enough in the Snake Kingdoms that few wish to leave. To be sure, the pure ones are their undisputed rulers, but these are few - too few to run their realms on their own. Therefore the favored ones usually fill out very comfortable positions near the top of the local power structures, if not exactly at the top. Those who do leave only do so for specific missions - or because they have been exiled or fear for their lives. In the latter cases, they often engage in the same cult-building behavior that the lesser brethen favor.

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