Surathi Lesser Brethen
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Lesser brethen are the most common of the "true surathi". They have been blessed with some of the powers of the blood of Sarush, but not enough to make them truly powerful. While at first glance they seem to be a typical member of the base creature's species, there is always a sign of their mixed heritage - an odd patch of fur or scales, skin discoloration, slitted eyes or a forked tongue.

While many lesser brethen are willing to stay in the Snake Kingdoms where they can be sure that they at least aren't at the bottom of the social order (this being reserved for the thin-blooded and the slaves), others strike on their own and try to establish their own small surathi communities, with the Lesser Brethen as the father or mother of the whole group. These groups often take on religious or cultish aspects, with those members who are able to display psychic powers (and thus, surathi blood) seen as "blessed". One popular trick among lesser brethen of animal ancestry is to seek out small, primitive tribes of humanoids and establish themselves as tribal animal totems. Usually, the lesser brethen establishes rituals involving copulation between the brethen and tribesmembers who are of the opposite gender as a rite of adulthood (in some cases requiring the alteration of their reproductive organs via psychic powers). This results in a steep rise of tribe members with surathi blood. If the lesser brethen also has offspring with other members of his own animal species, this "beast cult" will eventually be self-sustaining, with more and more sulathi appearing among both humanoids and animals.

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