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A large, cool and dry world without any major bodies of water. Its wind-swept surface has a high content of iron, which gives the entire planet a rust red color.

Bodenwald has established several opal mines on Surtus, since these gems are abundant in some areas. The logistics of these mines are staggering, but they have paid off handsomely, since opals are in strong demand as a material component for many rituals. The mines now finance most of the space exploration ventures of the city-state, which has caused other cities to rethink their negligence of the other planets.

No native civilizations have been found so far, but the landscape is dotted by ancient, cyclopean ruins which are often inhabited by wraith-like creatures of a disturbingly non-human appearance.

Known inhabitants of this planet include:

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The local equivalent of Mars as portrayed in many early science fiction stories, combined with every "desert world" ever portrayed in science fiction.


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