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Population: 430,383
Exports: Fish

This northern city-state is built on multiple small islands scattered along the coast. Svardholm is generally considered to be the last outpost of civilization before heading into the northern wastelands.

In the last decade, a popular (among the upper classes, at least) eugenics movement has influenced politics in the city council. People who get high marks on certain intelligence tests that every public official is required to take (though everyone can attempt them) are encouraged to have as many children as possible, and receive generous cash bonuses for each child they have. The poor and unemployed, on the other hand, receive a small sum of money if they allow themselves to be permanently sterilized via alchemical potions. The criminal and insane are automatically sterilized without their consent.

Svardholm also has to deal with an increasing stream of dwarven refugees arriving via the Great Lake from Gol Grungor. Until recently, Svardholm merely encouraged them to move to other cities quickly - sometimes deporting them forcibly via train - but the local dwarven community has taken to hiding them in the underground portions of their ghettos, often significantly expanding them. As a result, the city authorities now move all new arrivals from the east to one of the large islands along the coast until they can figure out how to deal with them. The conditions on this island have become very squalid because of the lack of infrastructure.

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At one point, Svardholm forged a huge conquering empire out of the eastern reaches of the Flannish Cities as well as much of the Norfjell Wastes, but it collapsed after several generations. The atrocities committed by its soldiers are still commemorated as far as Bodenwald (in particular, the Festival of Lights hauntings at Oberfeld).

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Inspired by Stockholm, as well as the eugenics program practiced by Sweden


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