Tagash Firetongue
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Tagash Firetongue, a male dragonkin has gained widespread recognition - or notoriety, depending on whom you as - through the publication of his book "The Dragonkin Nation". In it, he claimed that the dragonkin could never truly be safe by living among other nations - sooner or later, they would be subject to oppression or even genocidal persecution, like they experienced from the dragons that created them. Instead they should try to establish their own nation where they could live by their own rules and make sure that they will never be threatened again.

While not all dragonkin agree with him, he nevertheless found enough supporters for his ideas who encouraged him to take them a step further. At the moment, he is working to establish the Dragonkin Trust, an organization dedicated to raising the funds to purchase and/or secure a region the dragonkin can claim as their own. Furthermore, he has called for a First Dragonkin World Congress, which will take place later this year in Hagenzell and which is intended as both a fund raiser and a discussion for where the Dragonkin Trust should channels its efforts. Tagash currently favors establishing a dragonkin nation on the Far Coast continent (as there seem to be no humans or other sapient races which need to be displaced), but some radical dragonkin are agitating to drive the blue dragons out of the Desert of Thunder, thus allowing the dragonkin to live in the place of their origin without fear.

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Imagine Theodor Herzl with scales and fire breath, and you wouldn't be far off.


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