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Tallanggarul is (for now) the undisputed ruler of dragonkind in the Desert of Thunder. Wise and powerful, she keeps careful track of all threats to her family, and her schemes and stratagems often take decades to come to fruiton. Few beings - dragon or otherwise - underestimate her, and those who do only survive because they still might be of use in a future plan. Her influence extends across the Known Lands and beyond, and the tribute paid to her by her family makes her possibly the single most wealthiest being in the world.

Of late, much of her attention has been occupied by the prospect of draconic off-world colonies. While she knows that she won't live to see it, she dreams that one day all the planets will be under the rule of her family. As of now, conquest of the other regions of Rothea is an unrealistic goal - the opponents would be too many and too strong - but if the dragons can carve themselves a new empire from the wilderness of outer space, then toppling human rule elsewhere should be a hatchling's play with the vast resources available to them then…

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