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Population: 12,381

When the elves of the Crystal Forest were abandoned by Tuvareen because of their transformation, they had to build a new way of life for themselves despite their new forms. So they learned to shape the crystals of their surroundings and eventually built a new city for themselves where they could live without fear and regrets. The crystal spires of Tamaras are a marvel only few outsiders have ever seen, and the bodies of the crystal elves are able to merge with them to rest and dream.

However, the larger crystals are resonating with a signal that seems to come from beyond the confines of the world, and the crystal elves have spent a lot of time and effort to pinpointing its source by building ever-larger arrays of specially shaped crystals. Now they have found its source - a large asteroid circling through the solar system - and now they are pondering how to reach it and learn more of it. They have heard rumors of the star-wanderers based in far-away Bodenwald, and are hoping to contact them somehow.

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