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Population: 350,271

Originally the refuge of followers of Hatramo, who ended up in this spot after a long and aimless journey away from Thenares, Taras has now mostly become a fairly secular town dedicated to gambling and other vices. Originally, the followers of Hatramo occasionally indulged in gambling as a way of showing their faith in trusting the whims of fate, but now much of the gambling has taken over by professionals who do not care about chance—only about making the most money. Clerics of Hatramo regard this as a perversion of their message, but now the income from gambling supports most of the town, and there is little they can do about it (though if you know where to ask, priests still offer places where the gambling is "fair"—i.e., the odds do not favor any of the participants).

Together with the gambling, prostitution, drugs, and other vices have become common in Taras, and all this activity has allowed both criminals and spies of all sorts to entrench themselves here. Both of them find a fair number of desperate people who will do anything to get some money fast.

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