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The magical industrial revolution currently sweeping the Known Lands produces new innovations every day, and every generation society changes as new technologies affect everyday life. Nevertheless, to help the 21st century reader understand what the current "state of the art" technology is in Urbis, it is useful to know which technologies have explicitly not been invented yet.

This does not mean that the GM cannot introduce them into his campaign, of course - all it means is that they will form the basis of the next magical technological revolution, and any kind of revolution will provide ample opportunities for adventures. It will be useful for GMs to study the impact of such technological breakthroughs in our own history to understand what kind of long-term impact they will have on the campaign and setting.

  • Artificial Intelligence/Soul Creation: It is not possible to create entirely new minds or souls for golems or any other magical item. If some measure of intelligence is needed, the creator must transfer the soul from another living being first.
  • Broadcasting: While magical communication between two locales are possible (though usually very expensive), such as via two linked crystal balls, so far no one has figured out how to broadcast messages to large numbers of different locations (such as it is the case with radio or television).
  • Cars: While golem-powered vehicles do exist - especially in the form of the railroads, no one seems to have made the conceptual leap to build the golem-powered equivalent of a wheeled car yet. Legged "golem vehicles" have existed for a long time among those who wished to show off their power and wealth, and such golems are still built today among the richest of the rich. More affordable variants use quadrupedal golems which pull carriages, similar to how trams and some omnibuses are pulled, but so far, no instance is known where the golem was integrated into the carriage itself. Still, this would be a logical extension of existing golem technology (especially considering that modern trains are already built in such a way), and it is likely that some gnomish artificer somewhere is working on a prototype. However, given the expense of such a vehicle it is unlikely that heavy car traffic would appear anywhere soon, and there are no good overland roads that would accommodate such vehicles. For the moment, the railroad remains the king of transportation.
  • Creating Magic Items without Ritual Magic: While mundane items can be reliably manufactured by and with the aid of machinery, so far no process has been invented which can mass-produce magic items without the aid of sapient beings using ritual magic. The closest is the manufacture of alchemical compounds, which does not involve rituals - however, at least some of the reagents used must already be inherently magical for the compound to have any magical effects.
  • Eternal Youth: While it is possible to raise people from the dead, so far no one has found a reliable way of stopping or even reversing the aging process (although there are plenty of rumors and hints to the contrary). This is a source of a great deal of frustration for many people, including the members of the Athanatos Club - but it has also stopped the division of society into an immortal ruling class and short-lived Lumpen who cannot afford to live forever. In the end, everybody dies - so far.
  • Gunpowder weapons: Fireworks and primitive explosives based on alchemical compounds do exist, but magic has always been seen as a more reliable and effective long-distance weapon (especially in combination with nexus towers, and thus there has not been as much of an effort to develop gunpowder-based weapons.
  • Photography: There may be some rituals which are able to convert a visual scene into a painted image, but given the time requirements of rituals, they remain impractical for most purposes. As a result, all printed visual information relies on drawings.

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