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The Hidden Terror, Most Feared One, He Who Stalks The Night

Some scholars have noted that fear is one of the oldest and most primal human emotions. Given this, it is not surprising that the god of fear is one of the oldest and most powerful of deities. He is said to appear in the shape of fearful things in the corner of one's eyes. In earlier times and wilderness areas, this meant dangerous animals, but in the modern cities he is said to take the guise of serial killers and others who stalk their fellow humans in the dark of night.

The faith of Tekel is not organized - most clerics are lone individuals who suffered from great fears and anxieties, and pray to Tekel for release. By inflicting greater terror on other people they are, in turn, relieved of their suffering by their patron. Most are more than a little insane, and many are almost completely unable to function in normal society. But some of the greatest and most dangerous priests of Tekel can keep their covers intact for many years.
There are almost as many ways of inflicting terror as there are clerics of Tekel. Some stalk their victims one at a time, while others create large organizations whose members terrorize outsiders - and each other. But usually, clerics of Tekel will stop just short of killing their victims - the dead have nothing left to fear, while a insane person who has to be confined to prevent him from clawing his eyes out will please Tekel for many years.

Priests of Tekel believe the following:

  • Everybody fears something. Learn what others fear, and make them fear you.
  • You can lessen your own fears by appeasing Tekel. You can appease Tekel by spreading fear to others.
  • Do not kill quickly, for only the living can feel fear.

The symbol of Tekel are two red eyes above a fanged mouth.

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