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In theory, teleportation seems to be the best mode of long-distant transportation. The speed of teleportation rituals cannot be beat, and the component costs for the ritual aren't very expensive either when one considers what they accomplish. In practice, however, there are several concerns which keep teleportation from being a widespread mode of transportation.

First of all, while the material component costs aren't very high, they still require a fairly skilled ritual caster - and such people are always in high demand for other jobs as well, so their wages increase the base cost significantly. The second problem is enforcing that people pay for the teleportation to a specific circle. It is hard to keep the sigil activation sequence for frequently-used teleportation circles a secret, and once the secret is out, any ritual caster can open a gate to this particular circle. Thus, the payment for using the circle must be demanded once the users of the circle step out of it - and this requires guards keeping constant watch over the circle (since there is no telling at what time someone might want to use the circle) who should be strong enough to restrain even fairly powerful users of the teleportation circle (and someone who can cast the required ritual is frequently both powerful and potentially dangerous).

Finally, most city-states regard teleportation circles as an enormous security risk. After all, if an enemy of the city could overpower the guards stationed at the circle, he could teleport some of his most elite forces into the middle of their territory within a very short amount of time. Thus, most cities require that all teleportation circles be licensed with very onerous restrictions and require them to have all sorts of security measures beyond what would normally be acceptable for a purely commercial venture (often, the room with the teleportation circle is required to be collapsible or contain other measures which would make the circle unusable in very short order).

As a result, only governments or very powerful individuals or organizations make the effort to maintain teleportation circles legally, and restrict it for their own use or for that of close allies. The main exceptions are the teleportation circles maintained in Neubodenwald and Ardraxal, as well as their respective colonies on other planets in the solar system. Here, transportation without teleportation simply isn't possible.

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