Temple Knights
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"The Most Holy Defenders of the Temple", as the Temple Knights are called in official documents, have a checkered past. They are charged to go into lands where the Church of Thenos doesn't hold sway and fight Evil. In the past, this had lead them to be at the forefront of crusades against non-Thenarans and to much spilling of blood of people whose only fault was that they followed a different faith. As a result, the Temple Knights tend to have a sinister reputation outside of Thenares, as fanatics and blind zealots who assume that everyone not believing in Thenos is guilty and deserving of punishment.

The more recent generations of leaders of this organization are all too aware of this reputation - and of the sins of their predecessors which lead to it. As a result, they have changed the character of the organization so that it mostly fights supernatural evil and direct threats to communities of followers of Thenos instead of blindly persecuting others. They often work in the shadows, both to protect themselves and to make sure that they are only seen when it is clear beyond a doubt that they are the good guys. They will emerge into public view when there are undead, monsters, or even fiends rampaging through a community, but if they discover that a respected citizen is secretly worshiping demons, they will try to stop him quietly since others might not believe them.

Today, no one becomes a temple knight without a through demonstration of a firm ethical principles - which includes not assuming the guilt of others without clear evidence to that effect. The intensive training members of this organization go through helps weeding out most of the zealots, but it doesn't always succeed. When a knight is discovered to persecute someone who turns out to be innocent, he is given a harsh penance to atone for his sins. In extreme cases, this might mean permanent retirement to a monastery within Thenares.

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