Terra Escaria
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The term Terra Escaria refers to a common type of Faerie domain. Its key feature is that food - and well-tasting food at that - is abundantly available here. Enormous banquets, excellent dishes, high-quality beer or other beverages might be found here, free for all visitors - and those are just the start. Rivers of wine or honeyed milk flowing freely, edible fences or buildings made out of gingerbread dotting the landscape, pre-fried chickens, pigs, and cows which look prepared as for a festival yet still somehow are able to move clustering around visitors and inviting them to take a bite out of them - all of these and more can be found here, ready to sate even the biggest glutton.

Many of these domains are secretly a trap, including some powerful monster preying on visitors after they have gorged themselves. Other domains have no such monsters, but are hardly less insidious - their food is addictive, causing many visitors to stay here forever, always gorging themselves and gaining more and more weight while still being able to function somehow, but only while they stay here. Should they leave, they will immediately experience strong hunger cravings, causing all but the most strong-willed to turn back. Taking food from the domain with them isn't a solution either, as it will turn to ash or otherwise become inedible or unappetizing upon being carried outside. Thus, many remain while the domain feeds on their dreams until they are waddling embodiments of gluttony and nothing else.

Nevertheless, there is no shortage of starving people in the world who willingly seek out such domains. After all, living in a gilded cage doesn't sound so bad to someone who has known only hunger…

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This was inspired by such mythological places as Cockaigne, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and the witch's house in Hänsel and Gretel.


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