Terra Meridies
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It was long believed by scholars that on the other end of the world some large land mass would have to exist to balance the enormous weight of the continent Aestis as it weighs down on Rothea. While current scientific understanding of planets implies that such a counterweight is not necessary, a continent fitting this description does indeed exist. It is is called Terra Meridies, the southward land, and only in modern times has it become accessible to explorers from the Known Lands. A major part of this continent surrounds the south pole and is covered by vast glaciers, many of which calve into the oceans and produce so many icebergs that approaching by sea is exceedingly difficult. However, recent telescopic observations from Surtus have confirmed old myths that there indeed many green, habitable areas in the depths of this continent, possibly due to lava streams close to the surface keeping these regions above the freezing point. It is unknown whether these regions are inhabited, but expeditions are currently planned to settle this question.

The northern extremes of this continent are located between the Far Coast and the World's End Archipelago and reach tropical climates. Explorers have reported both verdant jungles and vast deserts, which at times seem to bleed into the plane of Faerie to produce a landscape with "dream-like" qualities.

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This finishes my list of the major continents of Rothea. Terra Meridies is a fusion of Australia (complete with hints of a "dreamtime" of its own) and Antarctica (with the possibilities of inhabited areas in the interior, since there is only so much you can do with adventures set into an endless waste of ice).


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