Terracotta Army
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The Terracotta Army is the army of the Tsan Empire as a whole, as opposed to the (mostly human) provincial armies. Its units consist of a staggering number of golems of various types (commanded by human officers, mainly wizards), which are customarily painted red in honor of the first Terracotta Army which consisted of clay golems made out of terracotta, which helped the first Celestial Emperor unify the realm. Later golem designs - including many in use today - became gradually smaller until they reached human size, but the enchanters of the realm also managed to imbue human-like intelligence into them - a feat which so far no western enchanter has been able to replicate. These sapient golems have to serve a 99 year term in the Terracotta Army before they are released as "honored citizen" into the civilian population. Usually they work as guards or mercenaries, but some have retreated into monasteries to contemplate religion and philosophy, while others have become adventurers in their own right.

Its units are scattered around the empire and stationed in various provinces, but they obey the Celestial Emperor and his dragon magistrates instead of the provincial governors, since one of their tasks is to stop any rebellions among the governors and the population at large.

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