Thabashar's Bowl
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Once, this depression in the desert was nothing more than a vast stretch of unremarkable desert. But now Tabashar, the relatively young dragon overlord of Salit has claimed it for a very special project: He is planning of transforming it into a vast, artificial lake. At the moment, he is digging a canal through the desert with an army of summoned earth elementals, and it is only a matter of time until he reaches the Dragon River on the border of the Verdant Coast. Once this happens, Thabashar's Bowl with fill with water, allowing for vast irrigation projects and even fishing. On the other hand, the people living downstream of the canal will experience severe droughts as vast amounts of water are diverted from their natural course. Many member of the Verdant Coast tribes living close to the river are calling for a war against Thabashar. So far, fear of the combined might of the blue dragons has prevented outright warfare, but as the situation becomes more desperate, many chieftains are contemplating hiring outsiders as mercenaries to get rid of the dragon for them…

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Water wars are fun. Especially if there is a dragon on one side of the conflict…


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