The Circus
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This gigantic structure, nearly a mile in diameter, dates back to the height of the Atalan Empire, when gladiatorial battles were held in it. While the days of legalized blood sports are long past (illegal blood sports are another matter, however…), it still functions as a giant stage for all sorts of public games, shows, concerts, sports events (such as the traditional chariot races, bull dancing, and jousts), and anything else a wealthy patron might wish to stage. Since the spectators are often too far away from the center to notice all the details with their unaided eyes, parts of the action on the stage is often displayed by large-scale illusions above the crowd.

These events are free to the public, an ancient privilege of the citizens of Atalus, and any attempt to charge money for admittance would lead to riots. However, there are other ways to make money from the Circus - merchant hawk their foodstuffs, souvenirs, and other goods, and pickpockets work the distracted crowds.

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