The Cold City
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Anchored to the Star Mountains, the Cold City is a domain of Faerie located on a vast, cold plateau. It serves as a connection to the Faerie domains of other planets, and as a result, the alien fey of other worlds can frequently be found here to trade, negotiate, and spy. The slave trade thrives here, as many of these beings find the dreams and passions of captured beings from Rothea to be rather succulent, while some of the Fair Folk consider having an alien fey monstrosity as a pet a status symbol.

As a result of its connections, the Cold City also serves as a membrane protecting the Faerie domains of Rothea from alien realities, and the districts - built out of gray stone - frequently shift and groan under the pressure. Many Fair Folk lords have stationed forces here to protect the city from an otherworldly siege, and not all of these can be seen patrolling the city.

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