The Colony
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Population: 945

Arcane spellcasters are a vital part of the power structure of most cities. They operate the nexus towers, keep the city's magical defenses running, and create magical items for export. For this, they are paid handsomely, and have an influence in local politics that shouldn't be underestimated.

Still, many spellcasters chafe under the restrictions placed upon them. While their power is appreciated, it is also feared, and most rulers try to create as many checks to their power as possible. Most wizards are content to live in a gilded cage, but others find this state of affairs unacceptable.

Because of this, a secret society of wizards created the Colony 54 years ago. Located in an old volcanic crater and hidden from curious eyes by mighty enchantments, the Colony was to be a secret refuge for arcane spellcasters, a place where they could build an ideal society unfettered by the morals and restrictions placed upon them by mundanes. Thanks to their arcane powers, they soon established self-sufficiency and sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. Only a few, experienced wizards leave it again in the search of new recruits among dissatisfied spellcasters all over the world.

As of late, a few conflicts have arisen among the population. There is an ongoing argument on which branch of arcane magic is superior to the other - that of the warlock, who relies pacts made with otherworldly entities granting him power, or that of the wizard, who relies on his wits alone. A significant minority among the inhabitants has also argued for a breeding program to produce “superior mages”, who would, essentially, be a new species who stand above mundane humans as much as mundane humans stand above apes. Some of the proponents of this idea have seriously considered abducting unwilling mages for this program, and only the inherent danger of this undertaking has stayed their hands so far.

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